About Me

Hello! I’m Rebecca (Zoë) Leigh!

(And now, for the musical roots and fruits of my career, SO FAR!)

I’m a musician, singer, and songwriter.
I grew up in Los Angeles, and maintain a Los Angeles – New Orleans – New York axis, performing both my original music, and traditional jazz (swing/Dixieland). I began playing the piano at age 5, belonged to singing groups and choirs/choruses through my middle and high school years, and picked up a guitar around the age of 15. During my college years, I was singing in an a cappella group and playing keys with a jam band! Oh my!

My songwriting style has been described as “blues-y with a pop sensibility.” In addition to performing jazz standards, cabaret-style shows, and my original music, I can be found singing and playing as a member of different bands and groups around Los Angeles (and sitting in with groups in New York and New Orleans).

I have been (and currently am) a member of Tracy and the Reinforcements since the beginning of 2010. Tracy Newman’s honest and relatable songwriting approach has been a major inspiration to me in my own writing and performance.
With Tracy’s band (in many configurations), I’ve been lucky enough to perform in venues all over Los Angeles, and in many other settings in a variety of different regions (such as Northern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida).

I’ve been able to perform in New York because of a man whom I believe to be the greatest living jazz clarinet player on the planet, Dan Levinson. I sat in with one of the many bands he plays with, Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks. I have performed with Dan Levinson’s band and with his beautiful wife, Molly Ryan (who is a lovely singer and a mean rhythm guitarist!) in Los Angeles on numerous occasions at the now extinct (*sad face*) Sweet n’ Hot Jazz Festival.

And, lastly, I must mention Banu Gibson. Banu is an internationally known New Orleans-based singer and musician. I believe she’s a musician’s musician. With a beautiful and fearless voice, she conducts herself with the utmost professional energetic wackiness and joy onstage. She is truly the closest thing that I have to a musical mother. She has solidified my love for New Orleans and has strengthened my will to perpetuate the glorious world of trad jazz.

So, that’s me in a nutshell, and on a web page.
My album Self-Loathing & Self-Satisfaction is available for purchase (physically or digitally) online on CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes!

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